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We offer classes for all levels. Each class is small so everyone can get the individual attention they need. Do not hesitate to alert us of your limitations so we can help you work on them. This is a judgment free zone and a supportive community.  Come join us and be better than you were yesterday!

Strength FIIT

In this class, we start with strength training followed by a workout combining free weights with body weight exercises, and cardio at high-intensity so that you can build strength and endurance according to your own body type and goals.


For ages 13 and up. Younger kids may be considered on a case by case assesment. Every activity is programmed, organized and led by a coach. Each movement is practiced towards perfection with a pvc pipe before challenging the movement with weight. Once the movements are executed at high level and with confidence and repeatability, then we move forward with a light bar, kettlebell or medicine ball. There are no one rep max attempts, nor does there need to be. The program then varies according to different movement levels and intensities so that you can build strength and endurance according to your own body type and goals. Teens are allowed to attend any FIIT 30 class.  All other classes need a coach's approval.


Functionally Intense Interval Training

Studies show that 15 minutes of high intensity interval training burns more calories than jogging on a treadmill for an hour. Our classes will be 30 minutes long; 10 minute warm up and instruction of exercises, 15 minute workout and 5 minute cool down. We will use body weight movements, kettlebells, dumbbells and cardio.





Barbell Squad

This class is LIFTING ONLY.  Strength is the maximal force you can apply against a load. Training to improve muscle strength includes lifting weights or otherwise increasing the resistance against which you work. We will achieve this by teaching a combination of Olympic lifting, power lifting and strongman movements.


Movement Progression 

We will be educating our athletes on proper movement patterns associated with a functional everyday lifestyle. We will also address common muscular imbalances associated with jobs, life, training, injuries etc.  Get your body moving healthy again, with less pain and more mobility.