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Get ready to tear down obstacles of the mind and body. We at GF Strength & Conditioning respect the individuality of everyone and are dedicated to the continuing education of our athletes and our coaches.  We understand that even with the same goal, the right thing can be completely different for two different people.  We put the utmost emphasis on education in order to advance our skills and craft.  We believe in varied functional movements at high intensity but we never cease to learn and adopt advancements in strength, conditioning and fitness.


GetFit Davis Sport

1809 Picasso Ave
Davis, CA 95618



  • Battle Ropes

  • Gymnastic Rings

  • Barbells & Bumper Plates

  • Pull up Rig & Racks

  • Dumbbells

  • Benches

  • Atlas Stones

  • Indoor Soccer Field

  • Kettlebells

  • Tires & Sleds

  • Box Jumps

  • 2 Pools

  • Massage Therapy

  • Chiropractor

  • Locker Room

  • Showers & Towels

  • Sauna